Power and control in your hands

The Varlion ONE BOURNE padel racket is ideal for beginner players who are starting to play padel. With its tear-drop shape and quality materials, this racket offers a perfect combination of power and control in every shot.



✓ Designed for beginner players

The Varlion ONE BOURNE racket is specially designed for beginner players seeking power in their shots. Its tear-drop shape and light weight provide great maneuverability on the court, allowing for a quick adaptation to the game.

✓ Stands out in power and control

Thanks to its quality construction and Hypersoft Eva rubber core, the Varlion ONE BOURNE offers an excellent combination of power and control in every shot. Furthermore, the Hexagon technology increases the racket's stiffness, providing greater stability and precision in shots.

✓ Advantages in gameplay

By using the Varlion ONE BOURNE racket, beginner players will experience an increase in the power of their shots, allowing them to reach greater distances and speeds. Additionally, its design and quality materials guarantee durability and resistance, ensuring a long lifespan for the racket.

✓ Ideal for beginner players

If you are starting to play padel and looking for a racket that helps improve your power on the court, the Varlion ONE BOURNE is the perfect choice. With its combination of power, control, and maneuverability, this racket will help you take your first steps in the sport with confidence and success.

The Varlion ONE BOURNE padel racket is perfect for beginner players looking for power in their shots.

Details and Technologies

Tear-drop shape

The tear-drop shape prioritizes power over control, perfect for beginner players.

Quality construction

Made with a bidirectional fiberglass and carbon tubular, it offers strength and durability on the court.

Hypersoft Eva rubber core

The low-density Hypersoft Eva rubber core guarantees a soft and comfortable touch in every shot.

Hexagon technology

The Hexagon frame provides stiffness and resistance, improving the racket's performance on the court.

Handlesafety system

The Handlesafety system offers greater safety and comfort in the grip, preventing slips during gameplay.

In summary, the Varlion ONE BOURNE padel racket is the ideal option for beginner players seeking power and control in their shots. With its tear-drop design, quality construction, and innovative technologies, this racket stands out on the court. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your game with the Varlion ONE BOURNE.