Nox EQUATION Advanced

Nox EQUATION Advanced

Power and control in your hands

The EQUATION Advanced padel racket is the ideal choice for intermediate level players seeking to combine power and control in every shot. Made with high-quality materials and innovative technologies, this racket will give you the performance you need on the court.



✓ Designed for intermediate players

The EQUATION Advanced has been chosen as the best padel racket for intermediate level players in 2022. Its combination of power, control, and manageability makes it the perfect choice for those looking to improve their game.

✓ Key features

With a medium balance, carbon frame, and anti-vibration system, this racket offers stability and protection against injuries. Its rough surface allows you to give more spin to your shots. Additionally, its HR3 rubber core provides quick recovery and maximum power.

✓ Advantages on the court

The EQUATION Advanced will provide you with a large sweet spot, precision in every shot, and great touch. Its design and technologies will give you the necessary control to master the game. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your performance with this high-performance racket.

✓ Additional information

In addition to its on-court performance, the EQUATION Advanced also stands out for its replaceable Smartstrap® safety cord system, which offers increased strength and security. Personalize your racket and enjoy a comfortable and secure grip.

Discover the EQUATION Advanced, the best padel racket for intermediate level players in 2022 according to Testfakta. It combines manageability, control, and precision in every shot.

Details and Technologies




360-375 grams




HR3 Rubber



In summary, the EQUATION Advanced is the perfect padel racket for intermediate level players seeking power and control in every shot. Its innovative design and technologies make it a secure choice. Don't wait any longer and get this high-performance racket now.