Nox AT10 Luxury Genius

Nox AT10 Luxury Genius

Luxury paddle racket for the future of the game!

Welcome to the technical page of the AT10 Luxury Genius, a revolutionary paddle racket that represents the future of the game. Designed in collaboration with Agustin Tapia, this model offers a perfect balance between power and control, thanks to its high-quality materials and innovative technologies.



✓ Designed for advanced players

The AT10 Luxury Genius is specially designed for advanced-level players seeking a high-performance racket. Its balance between power and control allows for versatile and effective gameplay in all situations.

✓ High-quality technology and materials

This racket incorporates innovative technologies such as EOS Flap, Pulse System, and NOX Custom Grip, which improve aerodynamics, reduce vibrations, and increase grip. In addition, its high-quality carbon materials guarantee great durability and resistance.

✓ Advantages on the court

The AT10 Luxury Genius offers a perfect combination of power and control, allowing for precise and powerful shots. Its droplet shape expands the sweet spot, while its balanced balance facilitates handling and maneuverability on the court.

✓ Exceptional gameplay experience

With this racket, you will enjoy an exceptional gameplay experience. Its solid and rigid touch, along with its vibration reduction technology, provide a comfortable and precise shot. Additionally, its luxury design makes it stand out on the court.

Discover the AT10 Luxury Genius, a high-performance paddle racket designed in collaboration with Agustin Tapia. Its high-quality materials and technology guarantee a perfect balance between power and control on the court.

Details and Technologies


The racket has a droplet shape, offering a wide sweet spot and greater control in every shot.


The frame is made of high-quality carbon, providing strength and durability. The face is also made of carbon, providing a solid and rigid touch for exceptional power.


The multilayer MLD Black Eva core optimizes ball output in low-speed defensive shots and power in smashes.


The EOS Flap technology improves the aerodynamics and maneuverability of the racket, providing greater speed in the shot and a sense of control.


The Pulse System reduces vibrations transmitted to the player's hand, offering a more comfortable shot and reducing muscle fatigue.

In summary, the AT10 Luxury Genius is a high-performance paddle racket designed in collaboration with Agustin Tapia. Its perfect balance between power and control, combined with its cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, make it an ideal choice for advanced players seeking performance and comfort on the court.