Head Speed Motion

Head Speed Motion

Play with speed and power with the Head Speed Motion racket

The Head Speed Motion padel racket is the perfect option for advanced players looking for speed and power on the court. With its modern design and innovative technology, this racket offers exceptional performance on every shot.



✓ Designed for advanced players

The Head Speed Motion has been designed with advanced players in mind who are looking for a high-performance racket. With its Auxetic technology and lightweight construction, it provides speed and control on every shot.

✓ Highlighted features

This racket stands out for its tear-shaped head, lightweight construction, and head balance. In addition, its hybrid surface offers a perfect combination of power and control.

✓ Advantages on the court

When playing with the Speed Motion, advanced players can easily adapt to any type of surface and play with speed and precision. Its modern and eye-catching design also makes it stand out on the court.

✓ Additional information

The Speed Motion has an unknown grip size, and its length and width are also unknown. However, its current and modern design, combined with its exceptional performance, make it an irresistible racket for advanced players.

The Head Speed Motion padel racket is an ideal choice for advanced players looking for a lightweight and versatile racket. With its innovative Auxetic technology and modern design, it offers superior performance on the court.

Details and Technologies

Auxetic Technology

The Speed Motion features the innovative Auxetic technology, which provides more power and an improved impact feel.

Lightweight racket

This racket is the lightest in the Speed series, allowing for greater speed in the game.

Versatile and maneuverable

The Speed Motion is a versatile and maneuverable racket, ideal for advanced players with a fast and versatile game.

Hybrid surface

With a hybrid hitting surface made of fiberglass and carbon, this racket offers a perfect balance between power and control.

Better touch and feel

The new soft cap in the grip improves touch and feel when hitting the ball.

In summary, the Head Speed Motion padel racket is the perfect option for advanced players looking for speed, power, and control on the court. With its innovative technology, modern design, and exceptional performance, this racket stands out among the rest. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your game with the Speed Motion!