Extreme power, exceptional maneuverability

The Head Extreme Motion padel racket is the perfect model for advanced and professional players looking to maximize both power and maneuverability in their game. With its new diamond-shaped mold and a series of technological innovations, this racket offers exceptional performance on the court.



✓ Designed for advanced players

The Extreme Motion racket has been created with experienced players in mind who are looking to take their game to the next level. Its diamond shape and advanced technology offer unbeatable performance.

✓ Exceptional power and maneuverability

Thanks to its diamond-shaped design and head-heavy balance, this racket provides extreme power in your shots, while its auxetic technology gives you exceptional maneuverability on the court.

✓ Advantages of the Extreme Motion racket

With the Extreme Motion, you will be able to enjoy greater power in your shots, thanks to its hybrid hitting surface and Extreme Spin technology. Additionally, its exclusive design will make you stand out on the court.

✓ Choose quality and performance

The Head Extreme Motion padel racket has been designed with demanding players in mind who are looking for the best. With its advanced technology and exclusive color design, this racket becomes the perfect choice for those seeking a high-performance racket.

Experience maximum power and maneuverability with the Head Extreme Motion padel racket

Details and Technologies

Diamond-shaped design

The Extreme Motion racket's diamond-shaped design provides greater hitting power, ideal for players looking to make aggressive and forceful shots.

Soft grip technology

The incorporation of a new soft grip at the base of the handle provides a softer feel in the game, while reducing vibrations.

Hybrid hitting material

The racket features a hybrid hitting surface, made with a blend of carbon and fiberglass, which provides superior feel and increased power in your shots.

Extreme Spin technology

Thanks to Extreme Spin technology, this racket multiplies the effect on the ball, allowing you to make shots with greater precision and control.

Exclusive color design

The Extreme Motion's exclusive color design adds premium contemporary appeal to the racket, highlighting your style on the court.

Discover the Head Extreme Motion padel racket and experience the power and maneuverability you need in your game. With its diamond shape, innovative technology, and exclusive design, this racket will help you dominate the court like never before. Get yours now!