Head Bolt Pro

Head Bolt Pro

Power and control in a modern design

The Head Bolt Pro paddle is an ideal choice for intermediate level players who are looking for a balance between power and control. Its modern and attractive design in yellow color will allow you to stand out on the court and add a touch of color to your game.



✓ Designed for intermediate level players

The Bolt Pro paddle has been specifically designed to meet the needs of intermediate level players, providing a perfect balance between power and control in every shot.

✓ Exceptional power and control

Thanks to its tear drop shape and the high-quality materials used, the Bolt Pro offers an excellent combination of power and control, allowing you to make powerful and precise shots.

✓ Advantages on the court

The modern and attractive design of the Bolt Pro paddle will make you stand out on the court and catch the attention of your opponents. In addition, its maneuverability and comfort guarantee a comfortable and efficient game.

✓ Improve your game

If you are looking for a high-performance paddle that helps you improve your game on the court, the Head Bolt Pro is an excellent choice. Its balance and power will allow you to take your game to the next level.

With the Head Bolt Pro paddle, intermediate level players can enjoy a balanced and powerful game. Its modern and attractive design, along with its exceptional performance, make it one of the favorites on the court.

Details and Technologies

Tear drop shape

The tear drop shape of the Bolt Pro paddle provides a wide hitting area and allows for better control in shots.

High-quality materials

The carbon frame and fiberglass surface of the Bolt Pro ensure great durability and resistance in every shot.

EVA rubber core

The EVA rubber core of the paddle offers an excellent balance between power and control, allowing for a perfect adaptation to different playing styles.

Maneuverability and comfort

Thanks to its Flexible Chassis technology, the Bolt Pro paddle offers great maneuverability and exceptional comfort during the game, reducing possible vibrations and improving the feeling in each shot.

Design details

The Bolt Pro paddle stands out for its modern and attractive design in yellow color, adding a touch of style to your game on the court.

In conclusion, the Head Bolt Pro paddle is the perfect choice for intermediate level players looking for a combination of power and control in a modern and attractive design. With its tear drop shape, high-quality materials, and advanced technology, this paddle will help you improve your game and stand out on the court.