Babolat Stima Spirit

Babolat Stima Spirit

Enjoy the game with Babolat's lightest and most powerful racket.

For demanding padel players looking to take their game to the next level, the Babolat Stima Spirit racket is the perfect choice. Designed with innovative technologies and high-quality materials, this racket will provide you with the perfect balance between power, control, and comfort.



✓ Designed for intermediate playing style and level

The Stima Spirit racket has been designed for intermediate level players looking for a perfect balance between power and control. Its round shape provides greater control over the ball, allowing you to direct your shots with precision.

✓ Standing out on the court

Thanks to its lightweight and the technologies used, the Stima Spirit stands out on the court. It will allow you to make powerful shots with ease and increase the effects of the ball thanks to its reliefs on the surface.

✓ Advantages of using the Stima Spirit racket

By choosing the Stima Spirit, you will get a lightweight and powerful racket that will help you improve your game. You will enjoy greater comfort during the game and be able to exhaust your opponents with precise and powerful shots.

✓ Conclusion

If you are looking for a lightweight, powerful padel racket designed specifically for women's game, the Babolat Stima Spirit is the ideal choice. With its perfect balance between comfort, easy power, and movement tolerance, this racket will allow you to surpass your limits and reach your maximum performance on the court.

The Babolat Stima Spirit padel racket offers a perfect balance between comfort, easy power, and movement tolerance. A lightweight racket designed especially for women's game needs.

Details and Technologies


Thanks to a special construction, a thickness of 36mm, and the exclusive MICROPERF technology, the Stima Spirit is one of the lightest rackets developed by Babolat. Its extreme lightweightness will make it easier for you to execute shots in all situations, improving all aspects of the game.


The Stima Spirit has been designed with an extremely light weight and more flexible materials, reducing arm fatigue and providing greater resistance and comfort during the game.

Easy Power

Thanks to the soft materials used in its construction, the Stima Spirit provides effortless power that will help you bring out the best in your game.


The SMART BUTTCAP system allows the removal of the grip, giving you the possibility to wash it or even change it according to your wishes.


The innovative MICROPERF technology, patented by Babolat, consists of microperforating the surface of the racket, expanding the optimal hitting zone and lightening its weight.

In summary, the Babolat Stima Spirit padel racket offers a perfect balance between comfort, easy power, and movement tolerance. Designed especially for demanding players, this racket will help you improve your game and surpass your limits on the court. Don't wait any longer and get the Stima Spirit to take your game to the next level.