Babolat Air Vertuo

Babolat Air Vertuo

Effortless power and extreme maneuverability in one paddle.

Discover the Babolat Air Vertuo paddle, a paddle designed especially for advanced players who want to take their game to the next level. With a perfect combination of easy power and extreme maneuverability, this paddle will allow you to score points with every hit, helping you reach your peak performance.



✓ Designed for Advanced Players

The Babolat Air Vertuo paddle is specifically designed for advanced players looking for high performance on the court. Its unique combination of easy power and extreme maneuverability makes it an ideal tool for those who want to take their game to the next level and make a difference with every hit.

✓ Key Features

This paddle stands out for its hybrid head shape, which provides an excellent combination of power and control. In addition, its EVA rubber core offers exceptional feel during the game, while its lightweight and soft materials ensure greater comfort and durability. With innovative technologies like the Smart Buttcap, VibraSorb, and 3D Spin, the Air Vertuo provides you with all the necessary tools to master the court.

✓ Advantages of Using the Air Vertuo

By choosing the Air Vertuo paddle, you will enjoy effortless power and incredible maneuverability. Its design and technologies will allow you to hit with greater speed and precision, surpassing your opponents in every point. In addition, its comfort and durability will allow you to play for hours without feeling arm fatigue. Whether you are an aerial attacker or a versatile player, this paddle will provide you with the performance and confidence you need on the court.

✓ More Than a Paddle, a Style of Play

The Air Vertuo is not just a paddle, it is a way to express your style and personality on the court. Its modern and vibrant design will make you stand out among your opponents, while its performance will help you achieve your goals. Don't miss the opportunity to unleash your potential and become a true Air Striker with the Babolat Air Vertuo paddle.

Take advantage of your speed and easily generate power with the Babolat Air Vertuo paddle!

Details and Technologies

Shape and Materials

The Air Vertuo has a hybrid head shape, giving it a unique combination of power and control. Its frame is made of carbon, a material known for its strength and durability, while the surface is composed of fiberglass for greater elasticity and response with every hit.

Core and Comfort

The paddle's core is made of EVA rubber, providing a great feel when hitting the ball and an optimal level of comfort during the game. In addition, the Air Vertuo features soft materials and a lightweight, reducing arm fatigue and allowing you to enjoy longer and more comfortable matches.

Innovative Technologies

The Air Vertuo paddle is equipped with several technologies that enhance its performance on the court. The Smart Buttcap system allows for cord extraction, making it easy to wash or replace. The VibraSorb system, developed in collaboration with SMAC, absorbs vibrations with every hit, providing greater comfort and reducing the risk of injuries. Finally, the paddle's surface reliefs, thanks to 3D Spin technology, increase ball effects, allowing you to have greater control over every hit.

Effortless Power and Extreme Maneuverability

The Air Vertuo has been designed to provide you with effortless power. Its elastic surface and lightweight enable greater swing speed and power generation, helping you overcome your opponents with every hit. In addition, its extremely agile handling allows you to move quickly on the court and hit with precision, making you a true Air Striker.

Design and Colors

The Air Vertuo paddle stands out for its modern and attractive design. Available in blue, black, and orange, this paddle adapts to any style and personality. Its combination of vibrant colors and elegant details make it a true gem on the court.

In summary, the Babolat Air Vertuo paddle is the ideal choice for advanced players seeking easy power and extreme maneuverability. With its hybrid shape, quality materials, innovative technologies, and attractive design, this paddle will help you make a difference on the court. Don't wait any longer and buy the Air Vertuo to unlock your maximum potential in padel!